Sunday, June 28, 2009


(Thematic Photographic)

As soon as I read this week's theme is clouds, I knew I'd be using this one. It's my favorite shot from our trip to the Great Smoky Mountains in 2008 (more photos from that trip here).

Here are some clouds from the Bronx River when we went to the zoo not too long ago:

(Click on photos to see them larger.)
I also recalled photographing the man-made clouds on an airplane a while back, loving the realization that that's what they were:

But the clouds here in the North East U.S.A. have looked like this for about three weeks straight, and they have no right to photograph so beautifully, the joy-sucking annoyance that they are:

But this weekend, the one where I wanted to photograph clouds, they lightened up for me and presented me with some joyous glory and breathtaking photographic opportunities:

Even managing to present differing incredibly beautiful colors from the front and back of my house:

And giving me an uplifting show in the evening:

Clouds where the pictures in them were so obvious (see the profile of a man, gently reaching out with a finger to touch the tree?):

(And a face of a grimacing man?)

But then those blasted storm clouds came rolling in again. Those are not puffy white clouds on a dark blue sky, but one giant dark blue cloud crowding out the lovely light blue sky behind it:

Thank you earth for providing me with beautiful clouds to keep my head in this weekend. And thank you Carmi, for reminding me to do so once in a while.

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christine said...

Love this series! It's amazing how clouds can yield so much variety and how captivating they can be!