Friday, July 17, 2009


(Thematic, Photographic)

I like this week's theme a lot. “Odd.” Originally I looked through my archives for photographs of odd things, but then I read Carmi's description more closely:
“I take a lot of weird pictures. The kind of pictures that make folks stop and stare as I'm shooting them. The kind of photos that prompt the Doubting Thomases of our world to accuse me of wasting film...and time...So for the next week, I'm hoping we'll all share some oddball shots that get the raised eyebrow look from friends and strangers alike.”
I have a bunch of these, and I had a hard time weeding through them so as not to overwhelm. But I managed it, and here are my photos where people say “Why the heck did you take a picture of that?”.

Remember to click on the photos if you want to see them larger...

So exactly who is it that keeps training the guys who build bathrooms to put the toilet paper too low? Is it something the men do only to the women's room as some stupid joke? Or are they a bunch of morons?

These things are beautiful enough to photograph...when they're on someone else's property.

My mom made me take this when she got all upset about a ticket she was going to try to fight. It's actually quite lovely, isn't it?

I don't know why I was surprised to see advertising on the subway entrance turnstiles in New York City.

I snap photos of a lot of the odd things I find around my house.

How could anyone not think this was worth photographing? How often to you really get to see a bunch of frozen mice in a plastic bag? How could I not take a photo of this?

Had a great time looking through some old photos and finding these. Loved this week's Thematic Photographic: A weekly meme wherein a topic is given and people contribute links to their blogs where they have posted their contributions. To learn more about it, go here.

3 comments: said...

Frozen Mice, hilarious was that at the supermarket?

And toilets - I asked a plumber once in UK and he said some plumbers usually plumb things in at their height. So your plumber must of been a dwarf!

I went into one toilet the other day and I am 5ft9 which is pretty average I think and I could not reach the urinal!! I had to wee and try and reach (too much info sorry)

Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

Frozen mice were at the zoo! I chaperoned a class "behind the scenes" and we spent that day learning about what they feed all the animals.

christinemm said...

LOL the wagon and pails.

Eew the frozen mice. Oh my.

Odd from my archives are photos of my dead grandmothers which other relatives begged me to take. My father was grossed out at my grandmother's request to take one of my great grandmother. Then when his mother died he begged me to snap the photo. I find it gross. Don't care if in the past in America dead people photos were normal. I prefer pics of them when they were alive and didn't have wax under their skin and makeup that makes them look not like they did when they were alive.