Sunday, September 25, 2011

“The Color Wheel - Part 1”

I'm back home and finally settling in after several weeks of upheaval.
I uploaded 608 photos from my camera today, and am ready to start
taking new ones. I thought I'd get back over to The KatEye View's
Exploring With a Camera, which I had discovered right before I
took off for a few weeks and all the “fun” started.

The focus this week is “The Color Wheel”. Wasn't hard to dig
through the archives and find lots on this, since I'm naturally
attracted to color combos, regardless of the subject.

So here goes...

The above is my monochromatic contribution. For family members who
check in here and are clueless as to what that means, I'll lift it directly
from Kat's site:
Images have one dominant color from the color wheel.
You may see variations in the shades of that color, have neutrals
or even small amounts of other colors, but the overall impression
is of one color in the image.

This flower is more analogous:
Images have two to three colors adjacent colors on the color wheel.
There is one color in common, and the other colors used have some
small amount of that color.

And finally, this scene in NYC is something that I was so attracted to
because of the colors. You'd think that after four years getting myself
a fine art bachelors degree, I'd know some of the technical terms,
but I just know what I like. Apparently this color combo is called
chromatic gradation:
Images have a number of colors that can be found in sequence
on the color wheel.

I'm looking forward to Kat's next lesson. Hopefully she will continue
to help me label all the stuff I naturally look for. And perhaps help
me look for some things I hadn't thought to. Either way, I'm looking
forward to picking up my camera and contributing something new
next time, instead of just digging through the archives.

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Kat Sloma said...

Welcome back to Exploring with a Camera! It's fun for me to put names to things I do naturally too. I find that I learn more that way. Thanks for adding your examples to the mix!