Tuesday, March 20, 2012

“Balancing Shapes”

I've only done a couple of "assignments" from this blog, but always read
the wonderful "lessons". I keep learning all the technical terms for things
I have always done. It's very cool.

Trying really hard to fall in love with photography again, despite my
crappy little camera. I know it's time for an SLR but I just don't know that
I would truly carry it around all the time, the way I do with my point and
shoot. Still thinking on it.

For now, here are some photos from my archives...

This one I simply saw as I got off an elevator and looked down:

And this one I took in New York City out of a window of a book store.
I sat and sat and sat with my camera pointed at the glorious ground
until someone finally! stepped exactly where I wanted:

Enjoy some more wonderful photos and a fabulous lesson about
"Balancing Shapes" at Exploring With A Camera.


Kat Sloma said...

I love both of these! Great examples of balance. It's wonderful you waited for the person to step into the perfect place in your second image. What patience. And I love the colors in the first. Welcome to Exploring with a Camera - nice to have you joining in!

gina said...

Two great examples of balance! I love the colors and shapes in the first one -- so happy! And the diagonal lines in the second just frame the walker so nicely. It's not so much the camera you use, but what you see with it.

Zinnia said...

I love the colours of the first shot and how that sideways placed chair makes the picture, creating balance.
The second shot is interesting because of the two parallel lines and the two round marks and the person walking breaks up the whole thing so well!