Sunday, June 24, 2012

“Familiar Subject Photo Shoot”

I went to a Renaissance Faire today. They are one of my favorite things to
photograph. I took 632 photos. Yup. I have to take that many to get a
dozen that I'm actually happy with. Family and friends tell me that I'm a
“great” photographer, but really, it's all about odds. And I do admit, I have
some decent composition skills.

The thing I love about shooting at Renaissance Faires is that the visuals are so
inviting; I never get bored or tired of shooting, and the whole day flies by.

There are a bunch of things that frustrate me though, all having to do with my
“equipment” (or lack thereof). Some of these things include sun I can't control,
but could deal with more easily if I was able to use a lens hood, shutter lag,
which is a huge issue for me, and finally, aperture setting for good depth of field.

I've learned to get around some of these things, like using my hand over my
lens to block the sun, setting up burst shooting and letting it rip so my lag
doesn't miss anything, and blurring out my backgrounds in Photoshop when
I get my photos home. But it does get most frustrating as I look through them all
and only find that dozen or so out of the 600. Still, I try to look at it as a challenge,
and really it hasn't deterred me from still going to these things and snapping away.
I do feel proud of the few photos I do get and love, knowing that I had to
work so hard for them.

Here are a few of my favorites from today:


Olivia Fulmer said...

I love the last shot! It looks like it could come from a movie poster. Of course, one of my two areas for my Masters degree was Renaissance British literature, so these pictures are particularly evocative.

I can understand your frustrations. I love macro photography, but right now, I cannot afford the dedicated macro lenses. I am "making do" with the inexpensive extension tubes with my 50mm lens and my 18-125 lens (which really does a decent job as a macro lens when fully extended). I think you've done well with the limitations.

Kat Sloma said...

I love that last one! It says "Robin Hood" to me. The pose, the lighting and the uncluttered background all make this a fabulous shot! In an event like this, it's often hard to get good images because you don't have as much control, as you mentioned. Control of what's in the background, the action, the light. The more you do it though, the more you'll be able to "see" what is going to get you a good shot. You may still only come out with 12 you like, but it may not feel as much like an exercise of odds! Honestly, for me anymore, if I come out of a photo day with ONE image I really love, I'm exceptionally happy. It's not that I'm not capturing good photos, I'm just much pickier about what photos meet my criteria!

It looks like a fun day! Thanks for sharing your results with us.

Elsie said...

I like the last also the most, its telling a story in just one photo, so great, love your work.

Denise said...

After seeing these I would love to go to a Renaissance Fair. Great shots!