Saturday, June 30, 2012

“Recognizing My Eye”

This “assignment” has been a real challenge for me. It's just not flowing
the way it usually does. For me, taking photos is not a cerebral pastime,
and to try to label it that way is not coming easily. So I'm going to try to
do it literally.

I looked for themes. And really, every image I photograph pulls me in
by its beauty. And the beauty is always born out of one of the reasons
that I photograph. So that's my theme: “Beauty everywhere.” Whether
it's found or made.

Some of the things suggested I consider as I reviewed my inspiration file:

I recently read a quote by Virginia Woolfe that really resonated with me:
Make visible
what without you
might perhaps
never have been seen.
I like to photograph things that others might miss. For example, a basket
of flowers completely blocking a doorway...

The reflection of a hubcap on a parking lot...

or a bridge over the water...

I also like to photograph people...

It's always got to look decent in the frame. And I like to create unusual

I like to ignore the rule of thirds because it creates tension...

and I love messy compositions that make the viewer work to see...

I prefer to utilize whatever light I'm shooting in to help create the mood
of where I am, rather than using artificial lighting (I rarely, if ever, use
a flash). This can be challenging since my activities often place me in the
glaring sun smack in the middle of the day. But I like the challenge of
making it work..

and sometimes I do get lucky to be in the right place at the right time...

Elements of Design.
I never gave this one much thought. Again, it's cerebral to beyond
where I'm willing to go right now. But it does seem that the elements
do play a large part in my photographs. Why else would I photograph
a grape sitting in a bottle cap...

a duct taped covered basketball lying around my back yard...

or my nephew's dirt covered nose...

So there you have it. For now, my photographic eye:
  • Subjects: beauty everywhere, capturing what others might not see, people
  • Composition: seeing things in new ways
  • Natural light
  • Photographs as design
Honestly, this was a really painful exercise for me, but I'm happy with the end result!


Elsie said...

I like your post and your photo's and I think the latest of the nose is just awesome.

maxipix said...

The quote by Virginia Woolfe is just superb. I agree with it totally. I love to try to see what others would not. My girls think I view life through a rectangle because I am always saying, "that would make a great shot." They respond… "Mum, how do you see that?"
Thanks I loved looking at your pics,

Kat Sloma said...

I am glad you "pushed through the pain" to get to this end result! Sometimes that's just what we need to do, to move to a new level. Growth is never easy. You did a wonderful job of pulling out elements of your eye from your inspiration file. It's ever changing and hard to pin down, but this is the place it starts. I love the quote too!